A contemporary abstractionist who specializes in creating multidimensional thoughts through his visual art. This includes painting,photography, poetry, fashion, and sculpture. He is self-taught and began creating professionally in 2014 as a way to share his visions, ideas, and stories with others. Kuan Started his healing journey through the art of plant therapy the self care practice evolved into meditation & sound therapy 

    Young’s creative process is truly unique in that it involves spiritual practices to connect deeply to each piece. Young is also inspired by his dreams and immediate surroundings, and centers around spiritual and environmental health and wellness. This is apparent in his current projects, The Garden Godfather and Sol Garden, where he incorporates self-care practices and current environmental issues into his work. He created the Garden godfather nonprofit to share art, sanctuary, and skill. Sol Garden was created as a way to heal while healing others. 


    April Harley is a Philanthropist, Innovator, Cultural Experience Curator and Entrepreneur, with a diverse background in Event Planning & Production, Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Visual Concept Design. Her studies at Temple University and years of work as both brand ambassador and brand manager for dozens of companies, such as Sony, Nestle, AND1 and other local and national brands, ignited her creative passion and led her on her career journey in Global Sales and Experiential Marketing. April has served as Program Manager for PNC Bank’s Multicultural & Grow Up Great Programs, Promotional Marketing Manager for Anheusuer Busch, Visual Merchandiser for Forever21 and as Director of Sales & Marketing for 9 years in Medical Sales. April’s organic love for the arts and eclectic background in set design and film/stage production, allowed her to produce various cultural programming and events throughout the city, including one of Philadelphia's most prominent Open Mic Events, ‘The Harvest Open Mic & Poetry Showcase,’ held at Philadelphia's own  World Cafe Live & WXPN Studio. Her creative wit, visionary prowess and overall plug and liaison to other innovators and resources have maintained her focus on Community cultivation. April’s work as Co-Working Space Community Manager sparked her interest in aiding in the development, elevation and evolution of start up companies and small businesses. 

    After suffering from a toxic relationship, losing her job and the shocking loss of her Aunt from a failed heart surgery all within one year, divine order led April to discover her purpose -- healing herself so that she may help to heal others. As a single mom of three and caregiver to her own mother, this Sacred Space Creator strives to find balance, support and a tribe of like minded individuals who promote healing through the arts. In her limited free time, April enjoys Cosplay and diversifying narratives for people of color through her Goddess of Reign and non-profit Initiatives, creating art that Empowers, Enlightens, Educates and ultimately allows us to Shed, Heal and Evolve!

As We walked through the garden. Bare skin and bonded, Old wounds began to surface. 

Spirit guides lead us on a journey. Through meditative moons, we discovered growth 

Which ignited a flame. As we walked through the garden, We gathered light, 

Which took us on a spiritual journey that was worth the fight.

 On this journey we found peace like a vine rooted and growing

Forever growing... Forever searching... Forever Healing...

Shed. Heal. Evolve.